Space Chef - Hunt, Cook, Deliver

Hunt, cook and deliver delicious food across the nebula.

Space is a couch co-op action/cooking adventure game coming in 2024 for PC.

You’re an aspiring chef with only a simple space trailer and the remnants of your grandma's cookbook to your name. Will you rise to the challenge? Rebuild your home, explore the galaxy, cook up cosmic cuisine, and become the greatest Space Chef in the universe!

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Cooking has never been this challenging.


Visit exotic and dangerous planets to find ingredients.


Craft delicious food in your homemade kitchen.


Fight your way through deep space to quickly deliver your food.

"The artstyle reminds me a lot of Futurama and Rick & Morty!"

- Laura

"The combination of cooking and action sure sounds like a lot of fun!"

- The Soupinator

Space Chef is all about cooking. And action.

It's time to cook.
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